Welcome to the

Southern Turners

Woodturning Club 

Promoting the Art of Woodturning


We are a Woodturning club based at the Aberfoyle Park High school, South of Adelaide, South Australia. We meet on the first Saturday of the month, between 10am and 4pm. Our meetings are a very social event and usually involve a hands on woodturning project and/or demonstration. 

With many of our members interested in other forms of woodwork, there is always something new to discuss and learn.

New people are always welcome to come and try,  no skill or experience necessary.

Beginners classes, Come and LEARN

See about our beginners course weekends

No experience or tools necessary

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, the Southern Turners are involved in numerous demonstrations and exhibitions around Adelaide. Find out where to find us next.


Our members are committed to the responsible use of wood through reuse and recycling natural timber into handcrafted craft and art items.

If you are having a tree removed or have a fallen tree, and the wood is not wanted, please consider donating it to our club. We can liaise with the tree removal company and arrange removal of the timber

Video of the Month

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